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Jul 20, 2022

When You’re Scared Of The Only Plumber Around

We were going to leave this one for Halloween – but it’s not really that scary, because here in our area of Utah, you can just call us instead of getting lost in a plumbing nightmare with pinging (or leaking!) pipes or other scary noises and experiences.

Let’s start with this: a lot of people struggle to find a good honest plumbing shop to do routine home repairs.

There are a number of reasons for this – starting with the sparse knowledge that the average homeowner has about plumbing systems, and how complex they can be. But there’s also a range of problems where you just can’t find a smaller local shop that can handle projects without billing you double for advertising and other stuff. It’s scary partly because in their hearts, people know that they can’t do this stuff themselves, so they start to look around for help, and if good help can’t be found, it feels a little like they’re likely to go underwater. Metaphorically speaking, that is. But it can be a scary feeling.


Calling Through the Phone Book

People don’t really use the phone book anymore – they use the Internet. But they may still be using the Yellow Pages. In some communities, it’s hard to find businesses of any kind without going to a generic site like Yellow Pages and looking for who’s active in your area!

What you often find out is that there is one big corporate firm that dominates the market. They take up so much space on Google that they make it hard to find someone else. That can be scary, too. People tend to feel trapped.

This problem gets worse when you realize that some of the big shops go to unscrupulous lengths to try to get more market share in a local community. In some cases, you click into independent links, and the big company has redirected your browser activity to their site, so you end up calling the same place anywhere. Ahhhhh!


Integrity in Plumbing

At Monkey Wrench Pros, we don’t work like that. And we don’t make you pay for our investment in things like fancy new vehicles and TV promos.

Instead, we work deliberately in the Utah communities that we serve to get people the improvements that they need for their properties. When you need a safe and liveable condition for your property, it’s not something you can afford to roll the dice on. Let Monkey Wrench Pros help!

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