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Dec 22, 2021

Three Big Aspects Of Replacing Water Heaters

As any experienced plumber will tell you, working with water heaters is a major part of the job.

These crucial home systems have a life cycle and need to be replaced every so often. That is, if you want to continue having hot water.

It can also be a challenging job, depending on the layout of a building, the type of water heater installed, and other factors.

Here are three of the big components of one of these water heater replacement jobs that experienced plumbers need to figure out in consultation with the property owner.


Choose a New Water Heater

When it comes to new water heater designs, clients have a number of choices.

They can get a traditional standard electric water heater that stands about 6 feet tall on a 3 foot diameter footprint. They can also get a similar model that runs on natural gas, although some additional accessories may be necessary for a safe exhaust system.

In addition, there are new tankless water heaters that can save space but are often much more expensive. We can help you to make the right decision for cost savings and other utility at your property.



When it comes to installing traditional water heaters, it’s necessary to hook up the hot and cold winds and make sure they are securely connected. That often means soldering in the copper lines.

This has to be done right, or the pipes may continue to leak over time. It’s often necessary for customers to keep looking at their water heater systems after installation to make sure that the soldering or connecting was done properly.


Getting Rid of The Old Water Heater

Then there’s one more big job to do – getting rid of the old water heater.

These items are heavy, and if they haven’t been properly drained, they also contain water, which pushes the weight up even more.

That means a plumber should usually have a helper there to help with the old water heater, or he or she might not be able to provide the service of getting rid of the old water heater tank.

That’s a little bit to think about when it comes to replacing an aging water heater or one that is not working correctly. Take a look at Monkey Wrench Plumbing in Utah when you’re considering who to put on your speed dial for water heater replacement, frozen pipes problems, appliance connections, and much more.

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