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Mar 16, 2022

Renovations and Water Heaters

At The Monkey Wrench Pros, we stay busy. But it’s good to be busy! We want to be one of the top companies operating in the area, and we feel we have made it. There’s a certain level of business where you realize that you have attained a certain set of benchmarks, and it gives you a sense of satisfaction. With that said, we handle a lot of different kinds of jobs, from minor issues to big additions.

On one hand, we are often visiting a property to do some critical single task. That’s what a lot of the plumbing business involves. One appliance will break down at a time, typically, unless you are unlucky enough to have something really strange going on (a la Dr. Seuss and the infamous “Borphin that shlumps”).

For example, a homeowner might need a new water heater. Sometimes you get warning signs that your water heater is wearing out over time – you might get leaks, or rust in the water showing that the tank is degrading.

In other cases, everything happens in an instant. All of that adds a lot of worry, and we can help homeowners to be more confident in how they are maintaining a property.

Anyway, when you need a new water heater, you need a firm to show up, put in a new unit and take away the old one, a process that involves both soldering or other fixture techniques, and physical removal of a big heavy object.

On the other hand, we also do larger projects like remodeling the kitchen or bathroom.

The philosophy behind this is that we build the business up until we have enough tools and resources to do both. We don’t just jump into things saying “well, whatever type of project it is, we’ll throw what we have at it.” Our business model and our service model are more planned than that.

Around our part of Utah, our firm enjoys a stellar reputation as a residential plumber for that reason.

We’re confident that when we go into homes and business properties in the area, we know what to address, and we have the tools and resources needed.

That’s part of what you’re paying for when you hire a professional firm to come work on your home or other property.

In fact, that’s the thing about professional home services is that they need to be top-of-the-line to serve a customer base well.

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