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Aug 17, 2022

Prompt Service and Access

We’ve used this blog quite a bit to talk about how important it is to have the right acumen with modern plumbing. We talked about some of the advances in how services have evolved to meet the challenge.

We’ve also talked about some of the day to day challenges – switching out water heaters, working with leaking or freezing pipes and everything else that’s part of the plumber’s playbook. And that’s good stuff for a blog, to start giving people context about how jobs are done. That’s something that we feel online outreach is for! So let’s get deeper into that, a bit.


Jobs and Building Access Issues

Today let’s talk about why it makes sense to partner with a company that’s responsive and able to tackle problems. Because that too is important! Sometimes it’s something that you don’t think about, as much, until you really have to tackle the logistics yourself, and work closely with other parties to get a job done.

First of all, as a property owner, when you call a shop, you have to arrange for scheduling as well as access to the property. There might be keys involved. You might have to contact the tenant. You might have to make sure that you yourself are available on that day and hour that the service call is scheduled. All of that takes some thought, and may involve rearranging a calendar.

Now here’s the rub – this is a lot easier with some companies than it is with others. If you can’t even get anyone on the phone at the plumbing company to schedule, you’re still stuck at square one revving your engine fruitlessly as it goes from zero to zero instead of zero to 60. If you’ll pardon the race car analogy – jobs have to work out. But that doesn’t just happen magically. It takes its own kind of work.


Prompt Response and Service Calls

At Monkey Wrench Pros, we take this very seriously because we know the challenges. We think about it from the clients perspective, and that gives us the incentive to make things easier for you. In our part of Utah, we are known as one of the best plumbing companies around, and again, one of the most responsive ones. It doesn’t matter what you are doing – whether you’re fixing a toilet, swapping out an old water heater, or dealing with pipes, or what have you – whether it’s fixtures, or appliances, or just maintenance – scheduling and response goes a long way.

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