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Nov 17, 2022

Nine Action Verbs With Monkey Wrench Pros

What do we mean by ‘action verbs?’ What we mean is that on our website, we have some processes that will help show you how we work with customers to deliver excellence!


We work all the time with households on tough projects involving things like:

• Hot and cold water pipes

• Showers or baths not working properly

• Water heater maintenance or replacement

• Dishwashers

• Washers and dryers

So how do we do this?


Our Process

First, there is our process, something we have come up with in a very deliberate way, with four helpful action verbs that show you how we approach your household needs.

First there is the word ‘connect’ – you connect with us through texting, emailing or calling, whatever is convenient for you.

Next there is the word ‘meet’ – you meet with a professional, and you show us what you’re dealing with, and we listen and provide options.

The third word is ‘pricing.’

That’s not an action verb but you get the idea. We present you with pricing information that will go a long way toward helping you to decide the scope of the project and what you would like done at your property.

The fourth word is ‘perform.’

We get the job done to your satisfaction. After all, that’s what’s really important, right? Yes, but the other stuff is important, too. For example, without targeting a job correctly, you don’t get the result that you were looking for. So all of the action verbs are important.


Our Courtesy Commitment

There are also five action verbs related to our commitment to customer service.

The first one is ‘respect’ – we respect you and your household and your needs – and the safety of your kids and pets and everyone else.

Second is the word ‘listen’ – we listen to your situation and come up with good solutions.

The next word is ‘present’ – as mentioned before, we present your project and any alternatives you can use to control cost or target results.

The next word is ‘performance’ – as mentioned in the other process, we perform the job to your specifications and standards.

The last word is ‘help’ – what if something problematic comes up during the process? Easy – we’ll help you and support you every step of the way!

That’s a little bit about how we work as one of the best plumbing companies in Utah. Look us up and ask questions about what you need done. We will provide professional assistance, a listening ear, and everything else that goes along with all of our action verbs. That’s what it takes to not just do a job, but to do a job right!

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