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Jun 23, 2021

Looking To Learn A Trade? Here Are The Top Three Most Sought After Trades Today

With more and more people choosing to pursue careers in trades rather than continuing with traditional schooling, many people looking to find jobs are left confused, not knowing where to begin. Sure everyone has heard of professional trades before and how lucrative the benefits of learning one can be, but most don’t know which one they should pursue.

There are simply so many options of careers in the trade industry, all of which possess their draws and drawbacks. To find out which trade would work the best for you, it is essential to understand a few of the most popular professional trades.



Welding is by far one of the most popular trades out there right now. As the demand for welders increases each year, more and more people find themselves pursuing this career. Welding is an excellent trade to get into because it has many more niche forms, paying upwards of two hundred thousand dollars a year.

In addition, welding requires knowledge, experience, and professional certification. If you are looking to become a welder, plan on dedicating a significant amount of time to attending classes and practicing different techniques before you begin looking for a job in this trade.


Diesel Technician

Another highly sought-after trade is diesel technicians. Diesel technicians specialize in repairing and maintaining diesel engines. Most of these technicians work on heavy machineries such as big rig trucks and military-grade transport. These advanced repairmen are no ordinary mechanics; they must attend specialized diesel repair schools to gain a career in this field.

Many people choose to become diesel technicians because they are often sought after by large organizations and the military. Diesel technicians can expect to be paid generously and get the opportunity to work on plenty of different types of equipment and machinery.



Finally, the jack of all trades, we have plumbing. Plumbing is one of the most well-respected trades out there, and there is no question as to why. Not only do plumbers need special knowledge and understanding of pipes and home water systems, but they also need advanced problem-solving skills that only the highly trained possess.

Plumbers are called upon to do various tasks ranging from connecting residential propane gas lines, handling sewer line clogs, and building industry infrastructure. Plumbers are constantly finding work worldwide in multiple scenarios, so there will be no stale time if you choose plumbing as a trade.

When it comes to securing a career that brings a positive return on your investment of time and training, professional trades such as welding, diesel technicians, and plumbing rank among the top to pursue.

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