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Sep 14, 2022

Four Phases of Important Communications

In some of the last blog posts, we talked about specific fixes for your plumbing systems and appliances.

Let’s talk about how you get to those solutions with professional assistance, and the best ways to work with local plumbers.

The keystone of a good plumbing job has to do with communication. Right from the very start, professional teams are trying to determine what the problem is, and what kind of result the customer wants. Then they’re doing that diagnostic work on-site and recommending fixes, and then implementing those fixes. All of that takes a good amount of communication, as you’ll see when you work with a plumber to keep your home in good condition!

These are some of the stages where we put extra effort into communicating well with the customer, in order to get the job done right.



The communication starts before a technician ever gets to your home. But it’s incredibly important to have responsive staff who can work through the logistics of scheduling a job.

First of all, people have to understand when a shop can get to their particular systems and appliances. It may be several days, or even more than a week, especially as current labor shortages have an impact on professional shops. So people have to be patient. But at the same time, it’s important for the plumbing shop to be realistic and clear with the customer.

Aside from that, customers also have to know how much a repair is likely to cost. The best shops make it very clear that they’re going to charge a service fee, or present a repair bill to be decided by the customer. Everything should be clear to the customer from the very first call.


Showing Up

People tend to get nervous about who’s showing up at their homes. Extra services like en route texting can provide some measure of relief. The best shops keep in close communication as the technician teams get ready to perform the work and as they start to arrive on site.



Then, when the technician is on-site, he or she has to do the right research to come up with the right solution. This can be tricky – it may take time to troubleshoot and determine what the problem is. There may also be big obstacles to actually getting access to the systems and appliances that the plumber’s trying to evaluate.

So at this stage of the game, communication is also incredibly important. Again, professionals have to be realistic and try to frame the problem in the right way, to really inform the property owner and help them make decisions that are going to affect their bottom line and the state of their property.



After the diagnosis is in hand, you have a repair bill estimate that has to be presented to the customer.

Yes, as you might imagine, this is another area where good communication comes in handy. Actually it doesn’t just come in handy – it’s vital.

That’s just a little bit about various stages of a particular job. Each one has to go well in order for everything to go smoothly. So that’s something to think about when you’re dealing with a local plumbing company.

In the Salt Lake City area, you can call the Monkey Wrench Pros, one of the top local companies working on plumbing systems at residential and commercial properties.

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