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Apr 20, 2022

Dust In The Wind

Yes, it’s a Kansas song, but it also has a bearing on the professional work that we do in Utah communities.

Strictly speaking, SLC and the rest of the state includes a lot of desert land. You get a lot of dust blowing through, and that causes particular problems in residential and commercial plumbing infrastructure, not to mention inflaming the allergies of newcomers who haven’t factored the climate into their decisions.


Pipes and Fittings

In general, experienced plumbers often always have to look out for contaminants that can build up and block piping at critical places.

That applies to ball valves and other kinds of valve types, but it can also apply to thin lines that just don’t have the bandwidth to move liquid around buildup.

We’ve been in the trenches with our technicians, pulling things apart to clean and remove contaminants and debris. It’s not something that the customer usually thinks of first – but it can be a major part of plumbing intervention, and it can take some time and effort.


Simple Fixtures

Here’s another way to look at the impact of dust and dirt in a plumbing environment.

Suppose you have just a basic bathroom vanity or kitchen faucet, with hot and cold lines controlled separately on the left and right sides of the spigot.

Simple, right?

It is, until one or the other of these sides becomes fused due to the simple addition of dust or dirt into a crevice of the fixture itself.

Many homeowners and property owners spend hours messing around with the small parts of the individual fixture, either the hot or cold control, before calling professionals who will come in and understand how to replace these systems in the best and most efficient ways.

Plumbing shops know how common these types of problems are – they stock their warehouses and showrooms accordingly. But property owners who don’t have an eye toward things like ‘mean time before failure’ (MTBF) or assessing physical products don’t understand why things are sticking, or why they’re experiencing problems with their fixtures until they actually get into the nuts and bolts of how this works.

So yes, things like that are that simple in a way, but in other ways they are incredibly complex. Your service models reflect how you treat customers based on this very privileged information that professional shops have. Turn to Monkey Wrench Pros for a professional shop you can trust! We are a top service provider in the UT communities that we serve.

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