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Aug 18, 2021

Don’t Leave It Alone

The benefits of getting high-quality residential plumbing services have to do with the high cost of ignoring damage to systems in your home.

Whether it’s a home or commercial property or any other kind of building, it’s just simply dangerous to leave existing problems without intervention.

It’s fairly easy (and fairly tempting) to just sit trays underneath leaky pipes, faucets, and areas of the roof. But this can lead to some pretty serious problems down the road.


The Threat of Non-Functional Systems

There is this creeping tendency on the part of some procrastinating property owners to just do without some type of plumbing if a fixture becomes compromised. Do we really need hot water to the sink? Do we really need a line in the basement?

But when people simply mentally tie systems off and leave them in a non-working state, they’re doing more than just limiting the functionality of their property. Some of these problems can become ticking time bombs that would’ve been much cheaper and easier to take care of early.


Water Damage

Over time, water damage creeps into different types of materials, causing various types of unusual deterioration.

Wood becomes warped, concrete cracks, and linoleum gets soggy. Okay, that last one’s a bit of a joke, but you get what were saying. Also, linoleum can get messed up, too. Don’t believe us? We have pictures.

Bottom line: water damage is nothing to sneeze at, and that’s another reason to call a plumber right away if you see a problem with anything on your property.


Creeping Mold

Here’s another thing that creeps people out, and for good reason.

Mold grows in moist conditions. It can also lead to serious problems with the property’s livability and value.

If you’ve ever seen a 100-room hotel fully closed because of mold issues, you know what we’re getting at. If you’ve ever seen municipal leaders scramble to find 10 dehumidifiers for an abandoned building – well … ditto.

Okay, that was all kind of long rambling, but the moral of the story is that professional plumbers are your friend.

We are particularly helpful and pleasant to deal with in the state of Utah. That’s partly because we understand what property owners are up against, and we don’t come to these interactions just trying to get money out of you. We come in good faith, in peace, if you will, as a partner to help you fix what’s wrong, and that’s what people really need in this part of the industry. So go ahead and give us a call – you won’t regret it.

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