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Jan 24, 2024

Dealing with Common Plumbing Issues in Older Salt Lake City Homes

Salt Lake City, known for its beautiful landscapes and rich history, is also home to many charming older houses. While these homes offer a unique living experience, they often come with their own set of challenges, particularly in the plumbing department. This blog post will discuss common plumbing issues in older Salt Lake City homes and how to effectively deal with them.

1. Outdated Pipe Materials

Many older homes in Salt Lake City were built with galvanized steel or even lead pipes. Over time, these materials can corrode, leading to leaks and water quality issues. Solution: Consider replacing old pipes with modern materials like PVC or PEX, which are more durable and less prone to corrosion.

2. Tree Root Intrusions

The beautiful, mature trees that add to the charm of Salt Lake City’s older neighborhoods can also cause plumbing headaches. Tree roots can grow into sewer lines, causing blockages and damage. Solution: Regular inspection and maintenance of sewer lines are crucial. In case of root intrusion, professional plumbers can use methods like hydro jetting or sewer line replacement.

3. Inefficient Water Heaters

Older homes often have outdated water heaters, which can be less efficient and more prone to breakdowns. Solution: Consider upgrading to a newer, more energy-efficient model. This not only improves performance but can also reduce your utility bills.

4. Poor Water Pressure

Many older homes struggle with low water pressure, often due to corroded pipes or sediment build-up. Solution: Cleaning or replacing sections of pipe can improve water pressure. Additionally, installing a water pressure booster can be a practical solution.

5. Faulty Sewer Lines

The sewer lines in older homes may not only be susceptible to tree root invasion but also to collapse due to age and wear. Solution: Regular inspections using camera line inspection technology can help identify problems early. In some cases, trenchless sewer repair can fix issues without significant excavation.

6. Non-Compliant Fixtures

Homes built before current plumbing codes may have fixtures that are not up to modern standards, potentially leading to increased water usage and higher bills. Solution: Replace old fixtures with modern, water-efficient models. This includes toilets, showerheads, and faucets.

7. Unregulated Water Temperature

Inconsistent water temperature is a common issue in older plumbing systems, often due to an outdated or malfunctioning mixing valve. Solution: Installing a new thermostatic mixing valve can provide stable water temperature, enhancing comfort and safety.


Living in one of Salt Lake City’s older homes can be a wonderful experience, but it’s important to stay proactive about plumbing maintenance and upgrades. Regular inspections and addressing issues promptly can save you from costly repairs down the line. When in doubt, consulting with a professional plumber who has experience with older homes can be invaluable. By taking these steps, you can enjoy the charm of your historic home without the stress of unexpected plumbing problems.

Remember, preserving the historical integrity of these homes while ensuring they meet modern living standards is not just about comfort, but also about honoring the rich heritage of Salt Lake City.

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