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May 18, 2022

Equity In A Property

Plumbing can often seem like a really difficult chore. It’s not something a lot of people like to think about – much less to do.

Many of us sort of cross our fingers and hope that our plumbing systems just stay nicely functioning for years, or practically forever, so that we don’t have to think about plumbing fixes and repairs.

But that’s not really how it works in the real world. You’re much better off having some resources to throw at a problem if it develops, and more know-how about how plumbing works, as well as a good professional firm on speed dial. All of that will help you to really protect your investment in real estate, and add value as you see fit.


How Maintenance and New Plumbing Builds Equity

When you’re able to preserve a well-functioning property with faucets, fixtures, spigots and indoor plumbing, that supports the property value that you’ll get at resale.

Or if you’re able to add functionality, that will add value.

Some people have taken a fix and flip property with poor plumbing and really taken a comprehensive approach to fixing it up to get excellent return on their investment.

Some people add a small half bath, and get thousands or tens of thousands more dollars on the market.

The key is in having plumbing done the right way, in a way that will be foundational and last over time.

At Monkey Wrench Pros, we are active in the Utah area, helping property owners to deal with their plumbing situations and add functionality or maintain plumbing systems.

You can really put it into numbers and see that every several hundred dollars you spend on adequate plumbing is paying off tens of thousands of dollars in terms of your property value.

So it’s well worth the effort and well worth the cost, despite how it might seem like a really oppressive job to keep on top of residential plumbing. When your systems and appliances are working well, you get a better quality of life in your property, but you’re also supporting the value of one of your biggest assets!

Call Monkey Wrench Pros around our area of Utah. We know the communities, and we know how to support property owners, with a ‘solid gold’ process that won’t leave you discouraged or wishing you had done ‘something else’ with your property. Get into an arrangement with a good, professional plumbing company that cares.

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